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Mingling Missionaries - How one family impacted their town — Karen Holford

A family’s impact as mingling missionaries in a secular community. Practical ways to be a blessing to your community.

No Place Like Home - Jesus has a mission field for each one of us — Shelly Lowe

We can be missionaries anywhere, even in our homes.

Blankets of Blessing - As we got our hands busy, we started to see God’s hands at work — Sarah Rogers

A story of how an incredible prayer blanket ministry started, and how God is reaching individuals through this ministry.

What If? - I ran to the rainbow’s end in anticipation — Diana Bruch

A story of chasing a rainbow’s end. Being thoughtful of the emotions we evoke in non-Adventists when dispelling long-standing myths.

Good-bye for Now — Janet Page

Janet Page bids farewell as she prepares to retire and enter into a new adventure.

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